The One & Only Caitlin

Hi there, my name is Caitlin and I’m a “comedian”. I asked my little brother to help me make a website. BIG MISTAKE. I’m the worst comic you’ll ever meet. No, for real. The truth of the matter is this: I’m a completely unfunny person stuck in a comedian’s body. My little brother is the funny one, and Caitlin smells like a cat butt.

Proof that my dorky sister is actually evil

Hahahaha Caitlin is soo00000oo mad at me for not telling her the password to her website. Caitlin just wants to make it look boring like how a “grown up website is supposed to look.” Fool.

Caitlin’s credit card number is 4744 00000 9822 0000


My Hard-hitting & Important Twitter

The fake rain my roommate listens to when she goes to sleep VS. the real rain outside- this shit is gonna keep me up all night folks

I know it all worked out, or whatever, but imagine how f’d it would have been if the the traveling pants DIDN’T fit on America Ferrera and those 3 horrible girls still made her try them on bc they didn’t #BelieveWomen

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