The One & Only Caitlin

Hi there, my name is Caitlin and I’m a “comedian”. I asked my little brother to help me make a website. BIG MISTAKE. I’m the worst comic you’ll ever meet. No, for real. The truth of the matter is this: I’m a completely unfunny person stuck in a comedian’s body. My little brother is the funny one, and Caitlin smells like a cat butt.

Hahahaha Caitlin is soo00000oo mad at me for not telling her the password to her website. Caitlin just wants to make it look boring like how a “grown up website is supposed to look.” Fool.

Caitlin’s credit card number is 4744 00000 9822 0000



My Hard-hitting & Important Twitter

No matter how Crazy this world gets, I KNOW that the apartment I rented in wrigleyville 10 years ago with the soft brown counters, will ALWAYS, be, the same 🥰

Me trying a new skin product: this is gonna change my life!!

Me the next morning: WHY IM STILL NOT A TRANSFORMER ???? 🤖??

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